Alia Bhatt was caught sleeping in school washroom!

What I did was — which one shouldn’t do — but I used to go to school and sleep in the bathroom. I am a kid too and hence wanted to celebrate children’s day with you. Alia Bhatt has revealed that she was once punished in school for sleeping inside the washroom. So please don’t sleep in class, sleep at home,” she added. “Then I had to wipe the desk for a week. So, one day the teacher caught me sleeping in the bathroom. Alia sharing her most valuable Childhood memory with all the kids. #ChildrensDaywithDearZindagi
— Dear Zindagi (@RedChilliesEnt) November 14, 2016
Also read | Swipe Right for Zindagi: Alia Bhatt gives Dear Zindagi hack codes I feel so happy here. Alia interacted with the children of ACORN Foundation and answered some of the questions by her young fans. Very bad thing to do. The Udta Punjab star was speaking at a special event organised to celebrate Children’s Day. “I was given a punishment to clean the desk for one week. She went to check why is this girl missing,” Alia told reporters. The 23-year-old actress says she had the habit of sleeping in school and had to face a punishment when she was caught. “I asked one of the kids my age and he said 32! By: PTI | Mumbai |

Updated: November 14, 2016 6:52 pm

Dear Zindagi: Alia Bhatt celebrates Children’s Day in Mumbai with ACORN Foundation kids. I have never done this before but I wish to celebrate children’s day like this every year,” she said.