Bigg Boss 10: This season is full of spineless celeb men

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When Salman Khan revealed the truth of Swami Om in front of the house through a video full of misogynistic comments and absurd words against women, Manoj Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar- the commoners- stood against him. But in Bigg Boss season 10, which is running in its fourth week, we have often seen people standing up against each other for petty issues. Staying in a place for three months without any interaction with the outside world is definitely a tough task that the contestants have always taken up in the reality show, Bigg Boss. If ever these issues become a major one- leading to passing comments on each other’s cast or religion or calling the other with inappropriate names, no one stands up for what’s right. However, we have seen that in previous seasons, contestants used to take a stand against what’s wrong and, if not always then at least a lot of their arguments made sense. We have often heard the phrases – ‘play like a man’, ‘don’t be a p****’ but in this house, we see women not caring about their image and being open about themselves but the men are still hiding behind the veil of their popularity or if we may call it their ego. Gaurav Chopra has always been a strong contender or at least has that kind of air around him. But having said that, it is upsetting for us to see that such a big star of television world and he has nothing to say at all against all the wrongdoings in the house. He clearly stated, “You’ve said things but I won’t comment on what’s wrong, what’s right.” So, does that mean that just because he is a celeb and an image to keep up, he will never react to all that might create controversy? Written by A. Even Lopamudra Raut protested Swami Om’s words against Mona Lisa but Gaurav dismissed the matter as if nothing had happened. Kameshwari
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Updated: November 17, 2016 1:55 pm

Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra and Karan Mehra are the celebrity contestants of Bigg Boss house. Somehow, he chose to remain quiet on bigger issues that can stir up controversies.