Screenplay is actual hero in my film: Ennodu Vilayadu director

He said that the film’s actual hero is its screenplay. Arun began to study the details of horse racing, including the practice and culture of the sport, to develop the story. “When I paid a closer look, I realised that horse racing is a game of calculation more than luck. “When I entered Guindy race course, I was overwhelmed by people’s energy while cheering the running horses at the stadium,” he said. Most of the horse racing sequences were shot in Mysuru, where the equestrian performance sport enjoys a widespread popularity. “Everyone to whom I have shown the film so far had one thing to say in common and that was the film has a strong screenplay,” he said. However, he felt that a movie like that won’t be commercially viable as many might find it difficult to understand.“Ennodu Vilayadu film opens and ends with horse racing scenes. After you place your bets on best horses based on your calculation, later comes the luck factor,” he said. The director believes that the sport’s popularity is at par with cricket in Mysuru, especially with the young people. For instance, if there are eight horses running in a race, you can zero in on three horses that are most likely to finish first based on their previous winning records, the jockey and other details. Written by Manoj Kumar R
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Published:November 16, 2016 4:50 pm

Ennodu Vilayadu is based on horse racing
Filmmaker Arun Krishnaswami’s casual visit to Chennai’s Guindy race course motivated him to develop the story of Ennodu Vilayadu (Play with me), which is based on horse racing. The events that take place between one race and the other makes the rest of the film,” Arun said. Arun said that he had so much of material and information he could have made an entire movie about horse racing. “My experience at the race course help spark and shape an idea for my debut film,” he said.