There is no point in directing a film if I can’t have my say: Gauri Shinde

What’s your writing process like? English Vinglish was inspired by the story of your mother. So when this idea came up, I thought of making my second feature. It started with an idea about the connections we make in our lives and how such connections can impact us. Alia, too, brought in similar discipline to her work. I was living my life — travelling and doing other things that interest me. For your directorial debut English Vinglish (2012), you worked with Sridevi who is a seasoned actor. When the actors are talented, it does not matter how experienced they are. That’s something that interested me and I tried to develop a story around the philosophy. For Dear Zindagi you have a new actor like Alia Bhatt on board. Written by Alaka Sahani

Published:November 25, 2016 12:15 am

Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt with Dear Zindagi director Gauri Shinde. Is there a personal story to Dear Zindagi as well? Dear Zindagi is inspired by life in general. How was your experience with the two actors? You’ve written both the films you’ve directed. It is beautiful when people, who are intrinsically talented, bring in their spirit of teamwork and not their stardom. Sri was great to work with and she never made me feel that she is a veteran working with a debutante director. After English Vinglish, I was not sure whether I would make another film as I am not ambitious about doing one film after the other. It’s an adventure to work with different actors who have their own unique style.