Watch: Ramya heckled by Modi supporters for speaking against demonetisation, video goes viral

She has strongly disapproved the government’s decision to kill the high-value banknotes. Response to actress politician Ramya when she visited Mandya market to talk against Modi
— Shreeharsha Perla (@harshaperla) November 19, 2016

Ramya is a former Lok Sabha Member from Mandya. She wanted to know how the government’s decision to discontinue Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes to introduce new currency notes was treating them. In the footage, demonstrators can be heard telling Ramya that people in the market were not facing any problem due to the demonetisation as they shouted pro-Modi slogans. The video of Modi supporters protesting against Ramya’s visit has gone viral on social media. However, the exercise backfired after a group of people raised pro-Modi slogans even as they dismissed her visit as a political stunt. The incident took place when Ramya was on a visit to a farmer’s market for speaking to the sellers about the impact of demonetisation. Written by Manoj Kumar R
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Updated: November 19, 2016 3:40 pm

Ramya was heckled during her visit to a farmer’s market in Mandya
Actor and politician Ramya was heckled by a group of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supporters in Mandya on Friday. Many even questioned her as to why she didn’t visit Mandya during the recent Cauvery water dispute.