Kahaani 2 star Vidya Balan: I have always got the money I have quoted

And long before Queen happened, it was Vidya who championed the cause of women-centric films successfully by getting the audience to flock theatres to watch a movie that didn’t have a Khan or Kapoor in it. “I feel humbled when people say this about me. And she has done that with panache and success. For close to a decade now, she has been leading from the front by doing films that have her playing the headlining role. And that is the trait of a superstar actor which Vidya definitely is. And even if the Kahaani 2 star is tired after the incessant round of interviews that she has been busy with since morning, she will answer each and every single question of yours with utmost sincerity and make sure you are satisfied with her answer before moving on to the next question. I alone can’t create box-office success,” said Vidya. She greets you with a warm smile, makes sure you are comfortably seated before kickstarting the interview. In fact, this made Anurag Kashyap call Vidya a female Amitabh Bachchan and a female Aamir Khan. So it’s not just me. But I truly believe that I was in well-made films and those worked for me. While Vidya is aware of the monikers bestowed on her, she believes it was good films that made things work and not just her performance. My past four films haven’t worked. Written by Sonup Sahadevan
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Published:December 2, 2016 5:57 pm

Kahaani 2 actress Vidya Balan believes that someday there will be an equal number of male and female-oriented films and that will put an end to terminologies like women-centric films. Kahaani 2 Audience Reaction: Vidya Balan Starrer Thriller Gets Mixed Reviews

Of course, there have been failures too but Vidya has always remained a force to reckon with, continually attracting powerful women-oriented roles, including Kahaani 2. Meeting Vidya Balan is a pleasant experience.