Arrest warrant issued against Sanjay Dutt for allegedly threatening Shakeel Noorani

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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd The Bollywood actor found himself amid another legal trouble with an arrest warrant issued against him. It all began in 2002 when Noorani apparently signed Dutt for his film titled Jaan Ki Baazi, for Rs 50 lakhs. If he still fails to appear in the court, we will send the warrant to Khar police station and then he will have to face an arrest,” Noorani’s advocate Neeraj Gupta told He needs to appear in the court and appeal to the court that the warrant be rejected. Also read | Ranbir Kapoor’s latest look as old Sanjay Dutt is unbelievable. Now we cannot wait for the biopic, see pics
On the otherhand, the actor’s spokersperson said, “This case has been going on since a long time and the present situation has arisen because of the communication lapse between our lawyers and us. So, this warrant had to be issued. We respect the urgency shown by the honourable court regarding our attendance/ representation and we would take immediate measure to rectify the situation.”
Dutt will have to appear in the Metropolitan Magistrate court, Andheri, on Monday. So, now when he came back we got back with the case and for that he needed to appear in the court, which he failed to do repeatedly. This is in regard to filmmaker Shakeel Noorani case, which is quite an old one. “This warrant is because of his non-appearance in the court. Months after coming out of jail and getting back to his ‘filmy’ life, with his upcoming movie being underway, actor Sanjay Dutt must have thought his legal woes are over, but looks like it’s not happening anytime soon. 2017-04-15T22:36:16+00:00″>
Updated: April 15, 2017 10:36 pm

An arrest warrant has been issued against Sanjay Dutt for non-appearance in court. Reportedly, Noorani has claimed that when he contacted Dutt over this a few times, the actor sent him death threats, also using his underworld connections.. We had first raised the matter in 2013. But after that, he (Dutt) went to jail for 1.5 years. Sanjay began shooting for the movie, but quit midway, which cost Noorani a loss of Rs 5 crores.