Dave East – Mask Off (Eastmix)

Never made nothing out yourself, I know your dad’s sick
Gave my couso life so fuck it, I take a million visits
Ambidextrous drive with my right, I can work the left
Diamond district, I left with water now I got women kissin’
Snoop said no pussy good enough to get burnt while I’m in it
Foreign drop, dash 2 20 moving a mile a minute
30 plus ain’t nothing in your pockets but mad lint
Stashed the work in my jacket
You blew settlement money, now you wonderin’ where the cash went
Paranoia ready, Miami just to let Diddy listen
Got a thing for them trucks, got the Rover I want the Wagen
Steak medium well, mashed potatoes and salmon with it
Got some freaks at the Radison, fall asleep if they chattin’
These niggas loud and they losin’ and I’m in silence winnin’
Harlem taught me to cop a new car after you crashed whips
Westside connection, ice cubes plus a Mac-10
If I punch ’em they gon’ sue me they ain’t even worth the threat
Stuntin’ on your chest, speak on it only bitches got breast my nigga
True father won’t even cop it unless his child can get it
Mama disappointed with my mugshot I was smilin’ in it
Mask off, mask on I hope this mask fit
Feet was hurtin’ from calice, every day eatin’ at palace
Shot a video in the 30’s, guess he really trippin’
Never penny pitchin’, the Henny gone then we Remy sippin’
We blessed on the Benz plates, King Khaled it
She make the dick disappear, I call that magic
Potential that the streets can’t imagine, I came from baggin’
And I ain’t steppin’ in that club until I get the backend
Way too many miles on that pussy, mami got bad grip
Dirty project kids and A-List parties, we be wildin’ in it
Hard to kill, sober brought painkillers on any mission
I’m 28 coolin’ try not to repeat the madness
I ain’t have to ask him, me broke that’s past tense
Where I’m from dead by 21 that was the average
The trap, I can go back any minute
Not concerned with what you roll with, my backwoods burn the best
Back and forth about who the hottest, got the whole city riffin’
Louis Vutton all of my fabric, catch me in traffic
She tried to parallel park the Ferrari, hard to back in
I’m a fucking cash cow, I bring a lotta cash in
Any privilege got me lookin’ at these bitches really different
Look at Trump if you wonder the power that the cash get’s
I ain’t never leased phone ‘posits I wore my penny’s different
Talking my shit, walking up Lennox just cause Malcolm did it
Call me anything what you want, but broke or a bad friend
Shot out to my landlord, know I was late with mad rent
Feel like Nino, big cuban right over the turtleneck
Percocet, I’m still poppin’ percocet
I really made my dad smile, reason that nigga braggin’
Earn respect, learned that way before I ever earned a check
Follow niggas right where they livin’, nothing about me timid
I ain’t learned shit in college in the streets I learned finesse