Four important symbols that defined Baahubali: The Beginning

 In Baahubali: The Conclusion, we will witness many things, and among them, the coming back of these symbols will make it more impactful and leave an impression of a lifetime. It is no coincidence that Shivudu wields the same sword, as his kills son of Bhallala Deva, before Katappa rushes to bow down to the arrival of new King.  
Why Bhallala Deva is represented by a lion:

If all symbols attached to Baahubali are horse faced — symbol on his armour and head of the sword — Bhalala Dev brings symbolism of lion to speak volumes of his character, ruthlessness and his methods to establish power with no conscience. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
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Inauguration of the statue of Bhallala Deva:

Like any dictator, Bhallala Deva installs his own statue and organises the biggest ever function. The mighty state represented by the 100 feet golden statue becomes a dud in front or the cosmic presence of Baahubali’s altruistic state. He had the audacity to imagine such a magnum opus that finding symbols and meanings attached to them becomes rather easy. S Rajamouli must be waiting with baited breath for his characters, symbols and every nuance to be felt tomorrow. The work of any filmmaker is to stitch a narrative around them. 2017-04-28T17:15:32+00:00″>
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SS Rajamouli had the audacity to imagine such a magnum opus that finding symbols and meanings attached to them becomes rather easy. SS Rajamouli is no less.  In the epic the battle between Mahishmati and Kalakeyas, he rides on a lion-faced chariot and tramples on the everybody indiscriminately. And at this opportune time, when the evil king wants to make his presence felt, the rightful heir arrives and gives a jolt to the state. Also read: Baahubali 2 box office prediction: SS Rajamouli film to break Dangal records, may earn Rs 250 crore in 3 days 
Everybody goes home after watching a movie by understanding the obvious message and enjoying the plot, but a director always takes note of the fact how his subtle messages are conveyed. S.  
The sword of Baahubali:

The menacing sword of Baahubali, which has passed through generations, represents the baton of power that would ultimately have an inheritor. At one point when Katappa gets emotional about his King, he would touch the sword to his forehead to feel his presence. Films are held together by many nuts and bolts. And the imagination of a great filmmaker is to breathe life into them to keep the audiences riveted to screen. Here are some symbols that you must not have missed in Baahubali: The Beginning, but needed further exploration:
Shivudu’s lifting of Shiva Linga

When Shivudu lifts the Shiva linga on his shoulders and walks among people of his tribe, playing the “Jata kataha sambhramabrama nilimpa nirjari…” in the background, the blasphemous act not only becomes a tribute to Lord Shiva, but also tells that he alone is the man who is destined for greatness, and it is the time for him to throw off the shackles of his mother’s affection and embark on a journey of greatness. However, Baahubali takes shine off Bhalala Deva when he kills the Kalakeya king with the lion face, and here is the time when Bhallala Dev is robbed of his power.