Freak Nasty – I Want 2 Fuck

But look, tonight I wanna fuck!

Fuckin’, suckin’, you know you want it
There’s a time for love, but tonight is now
(I want to fuck!) [x4]
We can do it any way you like,
[Ohhhhh … you gotta gimme some now]
As long as we fuck tonight
If you do me too, that’s how it goes
I guarantee you won’t regret it
I wanna fuck! Whassup?
[Verse 2:]
So stop puttin’ on and cut to the chase
Don’t front ’cause I ain’t fakin’
I can love you long, I don’t mind sayin’ please!
You ain’t dumb, you know the deal
If you don’t know, here’s a clue:
In that ass I wanna get, deep,
You wouldn’t be in the club flauntin’ it
Like Jacques Cousteau in that C, U-T, U-P
Yo’ fine ass in the buck
(Sweet pussy!) Black. White. (Sweet pussy!) [x2]

[Ohhhhh … you gotta gimme some]

[Verse 3:]

Let’s get together and make bakin’
I’m all about sex, triple-X-rated, as I stated
Straight up, girl, I wanna fuck
Fuckin’ is good when you’re fuckin’ right
[Sweet pussy!]

Freak Nasty fuck all night
Lemme see how it taste!
Y’all do the same all the time
I ain’t playin’, girl, I’m for real
Girl, I wanna fuck! 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, nut!
We can do it fast or take our time
Doggystyle, let’s go, lemme hit that ass back tho’
(Sweet pussy!)
There’s a time for love, but tonight is now
(I want to FUCK!)
[Verse 1:]
I can love you right, but not tonight
I wanna fuck! Whassup?
My dick is hard, so what you gon’ do?
[I ain’t lyin’]
Love, there’s a time for it,
(I ain’t lyin’)

I don’t mind lickin’ toes
We can do what comes to mind
Jus’ gimme a chance and let me get it
You got knees, I got knees, girl;
If you say you don’t, stop lyin’!
O-R-G-I-E, Freak Nasty, can’t you see
There’s a time for love, but tonight is now
I wanna fuck! Whassup?

[Insert x2:]
Freak Nasty, hittin’ that sweet pussy