Half Girlfriend: Arjun Kapoor turns into basketball pro Madhav Jha. But the transformation wasn’t easy, see video

The actor further adds, “I used to practice twice a day. We used to go through the same drills. But how come Arjun, a non-player in real-life, transformed himself into a pro of the game for the screens? Watch video
Arjun is seen rigorously training with his basketball coaches in the clip. Though not much of his game skills were showcased in the trailer which released few days back, but this video will surely prove Arjun’s new found basketball skills. The last shot of the video and Arjun’s perfect basket will leave you in awe! He wrote, ‘Madhav Jha’s Basketball Training’ on his social media account. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd So we had fantastic coaches from NBA. Arjun Kapoor who plays a boy from Bihar in this adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel by the same name, shared a video on his official Twitter handle. In the two and a half minute long video, we see the actor divulging details about his training for the movie. Arjun says, “Since Madhav Jha in the book Half Girlfriend is a very good Basketball player so the game plays an integral part in the film so we wanted it to be fluid.”
Watch Arjun Kapoor’s Basketball training here 

Time, effort, hardwork, motivation & the will to learn, my first step in bringing Madhav Jha to life #HalfGirlfriendBasketballDiaries pic.twitter.com/MRsMhwe4Wj
— Madhav Jha (@arjunk26) April 14, 2017
Adding to it Arjun says, “Mohit also was very clear that he wants to shoot it correct, the rules, the regulations, the way we shoot and the way we dribble. 2017-04-14T13:15:18+00:00″>
Published:April 14, 2017 1:15 pm

Arjun Kapoor, a non-Basketball player transformed into a pro of the game for Half Girlfriend. People who were involved with us were from a very high level of the game.”
Also read | Half Girlfriend trailer: Arjun Kapoor meets Shraddha Kapoor and then deja vu happens. The credit goes to his coaches from the NBA (National Basketball Association) who flew down to teach the actor all the nuances and minutest technicalities of the game, to ensure that the filming of the basketball matches and scenes in Half Girlfriend look every inch real. Madhav Jha from Mohit Suri’s Half Girlfriend might not be fluent at speaking English, but he has got his hands on the basketball and he is doing it like a boss. Once 6 AM in the morning and then in the evening from around 7-8 PM. So when you do the same thing for forty days, it becomes your habit, your second nature.”
The Gunday actor had earlier spoken about how hard it was for him to get into the skin of Madhav Jha, and also to play basketball. Actor Arjun Kapoor, who plays the titular role in the film has given it all to portray his character well in the upcoming film.