Hindi Medium: Suit singer Guru Randhawa says Irrfan Khan inspired him to make India proud globally

I used to be excited about how different they sound in a video and at a theatre. The film is scheduled to release on May 19. Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa, however, has been lucky to make the actor groove to his tune in his upcoming film, Hindi Medium. Guru adds that Irrfan inspired him to do good work. Of course, it was my pleasure to take the song to another level. “I was honoured that I worked with Irrfan. In fact, a few foreigners spoke about his past work in India as well as Hollywood, which inspired me to do something at the international level in music too.”
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Published:April 16, 2017 10:31 am

Guru Randhawa’s Punjabi number Suit has been revamped for Irrfan Khan’s film Hindi Medium. It stars Irrfan Khan and Pakistani actor Saba Qamar. Watch video 
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd I got a call from Bhushan sir, who asked me if he could use the song. So yes, we started working on it.”
However, he says the song is a bit different from the original. Talking about how the song got to fit in the film, Guru says, “Irrfan sir plays the character of a man who has a shop of suits and lehengas. As an independent artist, there can be nothing better than the fact that your song will be played and heard in different corners of the world.”
But amid all, what impressed Guru is Irrfan’s down to earth character. He would treat us equally despite having such a mad fan following. He says that while working with him, the actor would treat the singer as a friend. Guru is making his Bollywood debut with the song, Suit, which had gone viral and is now one of the top chartbusters. So, it is extremely exciting.”
Listen to Hindi Medium’s song here: 

Guru further adds that the trend of using a hit regional number in Bollywood is really good, “When a hit song is adapted by Bollywood, it makes the song reach a larger audience. So, they wanted a song to fit the situation that Irrfan’s character is going through in the film. “In my childhood, I used to go to theatres to watch independent singer’s outing on screen. What a gem of a person. Suit had fit the bill perfectly. I am a T-Series artist, and the film is also by the same company. “Since songs in Bollywood are mostly situational, I rewrote the song in order to make it perfect for the film.” He says that the thought of his fans being able to see him on the silver screen, especially with Irrfan had given him the jitters.