Homeboy Sandman – Bamboo

Owner of the parallel parked winnebago
That’s how come the DJs give him ads ad nauseum
Name all in your mouth like it was Poligrip
Plus I got a goddess i protect from getting hurt or getting killed, not only that but if I was Scottish I would probably rock a kilt

Nervous at your service motherfuckers, free the slaves to save the union, move some units keep it moving like a trucker
Bald and bearded kind of build
Most slept on, but i’ll fluff your pillow for a half a mil’
Not the type to drop a body in a landfill
He’ll get it popping like the kumite tournament
He’ll relieve himself on any lawn that needs watering
People said that’s dangerous in the cradle, really what do they know?
Out in Brooklyn I’ll be looking at the clouds, New York’s dead
Was a eye for a eye
Yo, I’m recording this in Tokyo with an engineer that don’t speak english y’know what I’m saying?
Then nicknamed me ‘The Carpenter’ ’cause I knew how to build
Cause it that gardening
The cornea of the storm and end a story going hahaha
He’ll get it popping like all the guys in Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
When I was two months old my uncle taught me how to grill
More the type you might find partying to Johnny Gill
Out in Brooklyn I’ll be looking at the clowns, there be crowds of them homie there be droves of them, loads of them
[Verse 1]
No L-O-L, lift you like a kettlebell, word to mother chocolate covered caramel
The boner made of caramel part sweet potato
I might just pick a weeping willow or a daffodil
He’ll get it popping in the UK Parliament
And I never say lit or swag or trill
Predecessor to the iPhone
I will tell the devil he can go to hell before I take an L
Yo, I don’t even mind I just put it in a rhyme ’cause they rhyme But you know something?
Ring the bell that’s why I hold it the belt
First so was the Legos then it was with Play-Doh
Go for dolo, take a photo and I can flow like Quasimoto
All the glory be to God so I god glorify
Now the kid is sicker than his azazel with a nasal drip and ain’t a bit
And gotta catch a train that shuts down in ten minutes, y’know what I’m saying?
Quick to lace a doubter with a cow to milk
Yo, this is going out to my main man Aja yo the translator, yo
He’ll leave you hanging like a holiday ornament (holy shit)
We gonna get it right though
But wait i need to take a pill to chill
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, aight?
Sand is making art again, pardon him