Jecynn – Where Did You Go ? lyrics

And your secluded lair, far from here
Had no sign of you
It’s been a few days, then almost a year
And there’s no sign of you

Where did you go? Where did you go ? Where did you go? [Verse]
Picture frame hanging on the wall
A canvas of paint that was found on the stalls
In the city of tar, and broken trees
Smelly old streets and plastic cheese

Pastoral scenes in your lavish rooms
Floating in the air like silent fumes
Here and now, raging in the dark
A casual boon, turns into a spark

Where did you go? [Verse]
Out in the storm, she was looking for you
A magnetic drive that she could not subdue
Drenched in rain, heels in the mud,
There was no sign of you, but there she stood

Random names coming out of her throat
Hopeless calls and tuneless notes
A one night stand turned into a flame
Like a doll of wax dancing out of the frame

Where did you go?