Monica – I Keep It To Myself

This time when i looked at you, there was something new
if you only knew my love’s for real
Verse 2:
the harder it gets
I dream of you all through the night
so why do i hide all my feelings inside
chorus until it fades
the harder that i fall
Verse 3:
then we both can be together forever
baby ohh, i’m falling in love with you

but when i start to tell you how i feel
Baby ohh, i keep it to myself
i don’t want to push you away
cause no one knows the love I’m feeling
and in my arms so tight
baby ohh, i’m falling in love with you
and though we were only friends
who’s right for you
I’m hoping that you feel the same way i do
when i know you’re the only one for me
these feelings changed within my heart

I looked at you a thousand times
holding you tenderly, right here with me
ohh, i keep it to myself
we shared our secrets in the dark
you tell me about someone knew
fall baby, ohh

i don’t know when

how could i be so blind?
cause no one makes me feel like you
the deeper that i gets