Noor actor Sonakshi Sinha hits out at her trollers with some modern and epic shayari

Her film Noor, based on the life of a journalist, is presently running at the theatres. Her words are directly targeted at all the haters, as she is slaying her trollers like a boss. Read what she is reciting in the video:
“Arz kiya hai mobile ke har ring se aapne khud ko express kiya,
Chehra bachakar, laptop samhal kar apne shabdon se humko madhosh kiya,
Aapki tweeting main ek josh tha, baaki saab mein toh dosh tha,
Kiya grammar ka seedha murder,
Oye Ghalib humare, aapke post ke sahaare kya ab bhi proud hai aapki mother? Nafrat nahi, aapki chahat hai yeh, trolling nahi aapka pesha hai yeh,
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Recently, in one of the promotional videos, the actor chose to slay her trolls with what can be called modern shayaris. For various reasons, Dabangg actor Sonakshi Sinha has been a victim of trolls for sometime now. Ofcourse when you happen to be an actor with different qualities, for example, love yourself the way you are and not fall under peer pressure, are opinionated and choose to venture out and experiment with your skills, you are bound to be the butt of jokes. In the video posted by Zoom on its Twitter page, Sonakshi is seen rendering some poetry, but with a twist. Sonakshi Sinha, has just joined a growing list of Indian actors who don’t mince their words when it comes to tackling trolls. 2017-04-22T21:10:29+00:00″>
Published:April 22, 2017 9:10 pm

For various reasons, Noor actor Sonakshi Sinha has been a victim of trolls for sometime now she hits them back with a Shayari. Kaise lautayun aapka yeh pyaar? Earlier, even Sonam Kapoor had taken a tough stand against her trollers. Bas yahi hai confusion, shayad aapke junoon ne hila diya aapka mansik santulan,
Lo, diya toh aapko attention, ab is dosti ko karte hain lock,
Waise zindagi meri badli nahi abhi, kyunki aap to ho gaye hai block block block…”

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The video also featured the troll accounts that had mocked her previously without blurring the user names. Bollywood celebrities often see themselves at the receiving end of trolls whenever they choose to experiment with a different project or come out openly to express their opinion.