Pro-Pain – Switchblade Knife

Find your house and I’ll take it and ransack the place
Me, myself and I’m coming
Beat my meat a few times and
Rise and shine, get out of bed
Fear itself is still looking to shut you up for good
My fist will break your face
Strange thoughts are going out of my brain
New York’s so pretty at this time of night
It’s best to watch your back
I’m gonna get you and leave you for dead
Got my fix, now I’m feeling alright

It’s your life and I’ll take it
And I’m a warmachine again
And I’m gonna beat you with a blow to the head
I’d kill you if I could
Cause I am gonna cut you like a switchblade knife
Standing naked with a knife in the rain
I swear I’ll beat you black
You are mine and I’m gunnin’

Feed the fire cause I’m waiting
You’ll never forget me for the rest of my life
I am feeling mean my friend