Raabta promo: Kriti Sanon, Sushant Singh Rajput prove fights happen when there’s love, watch video

Interestingly, they have reminded their fans about the film’s trailer, which is going to be out tomorrow. Once you look at them, you know that they personify the saying that fights between a couple are a sign of love. Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput look too cute as an on-screen couple but there is much more to excite the audience than just their chemistry. If you notice, apart from Trailer, Tomo and Love, there are other words like Destiny, Dreams and Infinity on the scrabble board, which give you an idea about the story of the film. But what’s also makes us keen is Kriti and Sushant’s breezy compatibility, which speaks volumes about the off-screen camaraderie the actors shared with each other. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
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Published:April 16, 2017 1:24 pm

Raabta promo: Kriti Sanon, Sushant Singh Rajput are too cute to handle. While Kriti is playing really well, Sushant cheats in the game. Kriti wrote on her Instagram account, “So ‘Trailer out Tomo’ but @sushantsinghrajput I won this game! Raabta’s first look has proved that the film is going to be 2017’s true-blue romantic film. Next time come up with better words,” and Sushant in response wrote on Twitter, “You might have a slight chance ‘tomo’ but @kritisanon , I won today :)!!”
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Sushant and Kriti do not only share an amazing bond on-screen but are also rumoured to be dating each other in real life. Now, the two are making us curious about the film with a promo that they have shared on Twitter and Instagram in which we can see them playing scrabble. Their spotting together on different occasions, especially the recent ones, speak for itself that they have some special ‘Raabta’ with each other.