Rara – For The Money (feat. T.I.)

Couch steady for it
Goin’ real fast, get slowed down
You be goin’ home with a tore ass
Came to win, it’s not a trend
We’ll bless ya, we’re special
[Verse 7: RaRa]
Nigga better recognize the pistol send it
Tyson, Jordan, Jackson
Baby girl up, things they tell us
Man, I done dodged these bullets and did this shit
Pass her to the homie, we recycle
We don’t talk, diddy bop
Hold up, wait a minute, there’s more dough
I got pool dog and not your casin’ shit
Hustle Gang with you, yes for sure
Ya know it
Should be long gone, get you gone
Wanna form a line waitin’ for me to pick my tucks up
Big ol’ knife, big ol’ rock
Stir the hood, move the block
Tryna find another me is rare
Did it, fly off the handle, I
And ain’t nothin’ weak about this clip
We don’t take shit, we go ape shit
In the all chrome, my new whip
Wanna diss niggas in your interview
Draw these guidelines and you just trace that shit
Again and again and again I did it
Sheets they sellin’, I’ma sell her

I’ma shake this, I look great, bitch
Money, set, drugs, found first
They ought to disqualify your cypher
If a porno or a pure dab
‘Cause my attitude is too centre cool
While a nigga kickin’ in your door
I got things up with this [?] I’m on
Always hate on me about a bitch
Quarter mill in the Tesla, gas her up
We don’t love her, we just count her likes
You new niggas ain’t shit like us
I earned my right to kick this shit, man

I’m all in
Ain’t nothin’ soft about this king

Me and your bitch get your bitch here
[Verse 5: RaRa]
We spendin’ old dope money with a brand new stick
Dope boy, GQ special
Tip found me, I was out here thuggin’
While I’m kickin’ back and drinkin’ four door
Won’t be spared, don’t get scared
Shake the cars, don’t panic
You don’t like it, see about it, bitch
Bitch, sneeze
Rich boy, cold, bitch please
Get you crossed out like my shoe laces
Smokin’ cigarette inside the foreign
On that Hen’, I don’t chase to face shit
Been to your pad, where’s your cab?
I replace the shit, Harlem Shake the shit

Ric Flair, got it poppin’ like Ric Flair
Hit her bathroom, take her raw back
Never gon’ be about it, bitch
Put my game down and she embrace that shit
Make it worth a mil and get to work
You got me sadly mistaken, you got me fucked up
We can make this shit, no more basic shit
Know we just set raw, we don’t steal cars

Call your girl up, fuck her world up
Ridin’ drop top, bitch, I’m headed for it
Don’t give no damn ’bout a whore wrath
[Verse 3: RaRa]

Beamer, Benz, and Bentley, not a verb
My mama need me and I won’t fail her
I been in and out of prison since ’bout 15
Hand on rifle, make me pipe up
Been major ever since was independent
[Verse 1: RaRa]
Bitch, you wanna see me, bring your purse
With some bullet holes in your torso
Fuck with my pimp and she know that I’m on
And the pot big shit, hand on the Bible
Aw man, I am such a player
Put her ass to sleep like Benadryl
My best friends are real deal lifers
The need to cross that line, the man you handle
Got the blueprint and the manuscript
Real nigga, bad bitch issue
Started in the trap and did transcend it
Clean your plate, bitch, fix your face, bitch
If I did get it, feel the whereabouts
Die for what I rhyme for, for sure
Nigga, learned the basics ‘fore you try to step up
Yeah, extra, extra, read about it, bitch
Police hate this shit, start that racin’ shit
Chasin’ the money like it got legs
‘Cause I been tryna rob for a Herringbone
What they ought to do, do a article
I am somethin’ like a young Michael
Goin’ on police chases when it’s borin’
I’m not fazed ’bout what thots say
With a new bow time, hand on mine
Can’t stop, won’t stop
Pistol on you with you, yes for sure
[Verse 2: T.I.]
Homie, you don’t pay, well it’s your ass
Got too many guns to be out here testin’
You no safe house and not that savin’ shit
Take your main bitch, hit her with full dick
And we’ll see if you really about this shit
Put it back together, I remake this shit
For a long time been I been well known
I see sunny days in my forecast
Ain’t that none of the shit you write up
I’ll die before I let you disrespect her, yessir
[Verse 6: T.I.]
Never been a sucker, that’s for sure
The chopper come with me wherever I go
I need a big booty and some bread
I need to scrum a head and some eggs
I’m a revolutionary radical
12 iron, man, I might hit flesh
[?] I’m on Melrose
Who ran these streets and earned these stripes, bruh
Had a whip should out of pressure, yessir
Nigga, always got the shit to certify
Banks sellin’ bricks and goin’ gold
Pull a bad broad like pheromone
Got the fetty for it, know I’m ready for it
Redbone, centrefold hoe
Big ol’ bag, big ol’ ass
I’m tryna come up far from the feds
Lord time, wake her ass up
Nigga tried me, I be out here bustin’
[Verse 4: T.I.]
Whatever you do, do not do that
Goin’ back and forth what I finna do
Goin’ on, yeah, your hoe whorin’
Ghetto bitches sell niggas then goin’
Need pussy just to take me off the war path
Come and case the bitch, come back, take some shit
When she need somethin’, what you think I’m gon’ tell her
Nigga, forth live for my bankrolls
Even the mid-strap and my Kevlar