Shah Rukh Khan leaves San Francisco in awe, promises free hugs to fans. Watch adorable videos, pics

And I am doing this since then,” Shah Rukh said. Both will not last forever. Shah Rukh Khan was live from the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) on Friday. The actor expressed his wish of being able to help the women who have been a victim of the heinous crime until the time he is alive. Watch video

Not only can he dance, but he smells delicious! Talking about song and dance in Bollywood movies, the actor said, “In India, we don’t need dance clubs. His candid conversation with Hollywood director-producer Brett Ratner was worth watching. As the show came to an end Shah Rukh promised the audience who wanted his hug, that the organisers might not have informed them, but hugs from him were free with their tickets. It is ok to cry for both men and women. Shah Rukh Khan on success and failure

Video: King Khan reveals how he keeps smiling & going on in life despite the circumstances
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Amidst the interview, Brett surprised Shah Rukh as he connected the Indian superstar to Jackie Chan through a video call. It was a chat like we haven’t seen before as SRK got candid about a lot of things. Be realistic and keep working. In the end, I took a decision that before other filmmakers start perceiving me as an ugly actor I would say yes to every film being offered to me. 2017-04-15T16:28:34+00:00″>
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Shah Rukh Khan promised the audience who wanted a hug from him, that the organisers might not have informed them, but hugs from him were free with their tickets. Watch videos of Shah Rukh Khan from San Francisco International Film Festival

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When Brett inquired Shah Rukh about a role that he has always imagined himself doing, the Dear Zindagi actor had an interesting reply. So if you fail, cry it out and even if you achieve success go out and party but don’t think that the party will be on forever. “I want my children to keep supporting and helping acid attack victims even after I’m gone!” quipped SRK. The Indian star revealed things like how his elder son Aryan looked like Jackie Chan in his childhood, how he was called ugly in the initial phase of his career, how he ditched failure and his social responsibility towards acid attack survivors. I was so confused on how to react, whether to take it as a compliment or feel bad about it. “I don’t think I have said this before but when my first son was born (Aryan), he looked like Jackie Chan.” he added. It will get better some day.” SRK’s reply left the auditorium filled with thunderous applause. “When I started off as an actor, a director called me and told me he wants to cast me because I don’t have a chocolate boy image and I look ugly and he loved the fact that I was so ugly but interesting. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
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Shah Rukh Khan opened his arms in his iconic style. As one of the audience members asked him how he handled failure and kept his confidence in himself intact, the actor said, “I am an actor.” And before anyone could interpret, he added “Whenever I am feeling bad or sad, especially when my films do not perform well and I fail to make people smile, I do lock myself in the bathroom and cry it all out. Watch video

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But what turned out to be a major takeaway from the entire conversation was SRK’s mention about his social responsibility towards acid attack victims. Not only this, the actor also said that he want his kids to do it after he is gone. We just need an excuse to dance.”
Shah Rukh Khan and Brett Ranter doing Lungi Dance. Not only his fans in San Francisco went berserk at the sight of King of Romance but even his 24 million Twitter followers lost their heart when the actor opened his arms in his iconic style. What a sweet gesture! Get it out of your system. And the youngsters need to understand that both success and failure are transient. Like an overwhelmed fan, Shah Rukh told Jackie that he has been his fan since forever.