Shirō Sagisu – I’ll Be Always On Your Mind

Wouldn’t be so wise
You once were the flame of love that showed me the way
And I know the feelings just as strong
They will always be
There was no hurt or pain
There’s no need for tears
‘Cos I can see it in your eyes
You can’t take such sweet memories away
Forever I’ll be always on your mind
We once had a love we thought would never end
That’s where it should stay with us
You once were the sun that brightened up my day
You once were the wings with which my heart could fly
I still remember all the good things we had
I look back with joy and hapiness
We once had a love so sweet but just let it go
Just keep the flame alive in your mind
I once was the love on which you could depend
We just reached a point and then we let it drift away
To recreate what happened long ago
Now after all the years
Now that the time has passwd
Forever in my mind for all time