Sonu Nigam is done with the azaan row: Let’s move on

Keep it peaceful.” The entire issue came to a head when a cleric announced Rs 10 lakh reward for anyone who could shave Sonu Nigam’s hair, make him wear a garland of old shoes and parade him around India. Saif Ali Khan said that the entire conversation was blown out of context but Sonu Nigam should have been softer in presenting his point of view. Equal regulations needed for temples, mosques, gurudwaras & churches.”
Also read | Sonu Nigam posts a new tweet. He wrote, “Thank you most of u for finally getting reasonable & agreeing to understand my honest intentions. Randeep Hooda wrote, “What @sonunigam meant was against #loudspeakers not against a religion .. While a lot of people alleged Sonu has disrespected a religion by calling it ‘gungardi’, his contemporaries and actors from television and film industries came out in support of the 42-year-old. No need to fuel this anymore. anyone doing is against #CivicSense and should be curtailed.”

Sonu Nigam thanked everyone who took a stand for him. Why disturb a residential area at all?” Television actor Divyanka Tripathi also supported Sonu, “Moderation of speaker is important for all. Post his tweets questioning the necessity of loudspeakers at a religious place, Twitter took sides for and against the singer. After endless trolling and arguments on and off the social media, Sonu Nigam has finally declared peace on the entire azaan row, which has been breaking the internet for a week now. There should be no loudspeakers used for prayer for ANY religion. The singer said on Twitter, “Guys, in favour of me and in opposition, let’s agree to agree and disagree. It’s a beautiful world. Prayers
— Sonu Nigam (@sonunigam) April 25, 2017
Richa Chaddha wrote on Twitter, “People will misunderstand your tweet n give it a communal tinge, only those who know you will know you mean not to stoke a fire.” Anupam Kher wrote, “Bande mein hai dum. Is this his reply to those who said there was no azaan sound near his house? Look ahead and move on. Look ahead and move on. 2017-04-26T18:25:42+00:00″>
Published:April 26, 2017 6:25 pm

Sonu Nigam has called off the argument over loudspeaker at the place of worship. Prayers.”
This tweet comes after the singer posted a video of azaan call near his residence a few days ago. No need to fuel this anymore. Jai Ho Sonu Nigam.:).” Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdaan wrote, “Completely agree @sonunigam. Guys, in favour of me and in opposition, let’s agree to agree and disagree. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
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