The Kapil Sharma Show: Upasana Singh debuts as Babli maasi, but can she save the show?

The Kapil-Sunil fissure has left a huge gulf that’s getting wider with each passing day. When Kapil quipped, “There is a woman behind every successful man,” the Pehelwan replied, “ Mardon ko aurat bana bana ke aadmi successful hota hai”
Shaan and wife Radhika appear as guests

Shaan and wife Radhika came as guests on yesterday’s show. The actor is a regular at the show and manages to stay funny mostly. Kapil started the show with telling viewers that he is looking to rent out a room in his house. Kapil introduced her to the show with a witty remark, “She is my masi from Delhi and I have not met her before.” Upasana quipped in her quintessential style, “Kappu, your sense of humour remains intact.” Upasana also threw a punchline that brought more laughter, “Hamara waqt kharab chal hai, par tera toh waisa hi chal raha hai na (My time is bad, but you seem to be just fine).”
Comedian Paresh Ganatra debuts as Upasana Singh’s husband

Paresh Ganatra played Upasana Singh’s husband Lovely Chaddha. The characters like Guthi and Nani provided an emotional anchor to the show and kept it sailing through turbulent waters of showbiz fluctuations. Her presence brought a much-needed levity. Shaan was celebrating 25 years of his career as a singer. Here’s a look at five highlights from the last episode. Upasana Singh debuts as Babli maasi

We have to say that Upasana Singh’s presence breathed a new life to the show. Kiku appeared twice as Bumper and Baccha yesterday. More than wisecracks, The Kapil Sharma show has an urgent need for more life and emotions. Kapil and Shaan talked about love, marriage and career. Did Kapil take a dig at Sunil Grover again? “No one is staying here anymore. Can Upasana Singh, who made her debut on Sunday’s show as Babli maasi, save the show? In her new avatar, Upasana was equally entertaining if not more. Shaan crooned some songs and cheered the audience. The actor used to play Kapil’s spinster bua when it was telecast on Colors and would tease his guests with marriage proposals. But Kiku’s most jokes seemed stale and over-used and failed to bring in laughter. The show urgently needs a new narrative to navigate its tottering boat safely to the coast. The long absence of Sunil Grover has drained the show of all humour and life. Kapil made fun of actor’s height and said, “Kitna chota mausa. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd The actor, with an able support from Upasana, put up a decent show. Mausa se bada to samosa hota hai.” The exchange of funny one-liners between Upasana and Paresh kept bringing in small doses of laughter. 2017-04-17T21:37:39+00:00″>
Updated: April 17, 2017 9:37 pm

The Kapil Sharma Show: We have to say that Upasana Singh’s presence breathed a new life to the show. So, I have given advertisement for a tenant.” Kapil then manages to cheer the audience with some fun conversation with a guest actor who played Pehelwan on the show. Also Read: Sunil Grover’s latest Instagram post decoded: Not Kapil Sharma, he is hinting to new openings
Kiku Sharda needs to up his game

Kiku Sharda also entertained the crowd.