The Wonder Stuff – A Great Drinker

I swear I’d bust open my head, should I fall.
A great drinker and his love could be…
I got bottles for good company
There’s sweat on my finger tips
Of a world that still increasingly
My head is too close to the wall.
I don’t think too much it’s bad for the soul.
There’s blood in my underwear
Sit right down, one for the road?
Well there’s hate where my liver sits
I got a belly full of beer shits
Don’t ask me where ‘cos I don’t know at all.
I’ve got an ever loving wife… of a sort
And it’s not because we’re strung out on the sauce.
I know weaker personalities
What is yours?
We don’t mend what ain’t broken
‘Cos they’re sitting around my home with me.
If all the world would wait and see
Well of all the stupid things I’ve been told,
We’re not picking up the pieces
You stay here then, you throw down too.

Just has to know my business.

They took my car.
We don’t stick it where it don’t belong
Get out if it’s not for you
There’s a bottle and a half to go
I don’t know how I got it there

I got cigarettes to pull to bits
The last drink’s gonna be on me.