Vokodlok – Decay

Materialized in flesh and has no remorse,
When howling wolves
He’s the sin in body of serpent
Armageddon is unleashed
This is the fall of God and rotted ideals.
With wings that cover the light of day.
In the endless dawn of victory
Under the sign of tormenting.
Decay is moment of pain,
Baptized all unholy souls with blood
This is the fall of God, the fall of times
From open wound in the skies.
Show again that strength is one.
Only blood from Christian throat,
Raise armies from below, invocate
Love and mercy is no worth
Decay in time to die,
Falling beneath your touch.
Spitting on the cross
Decay is moment of pray,
Prince of doom
That led to Christ’s death
Proud he’s the leader of men
Dethroned the heaven’s purity.
The horny beings of death
Perverted creatures of hell
Acclaim his arrival.
Breathless bodies
The fall of god, the fall of times, the fall in agony.
Decay is god’s final day,
Prayers of hatred invade the head
A face so good, behind diabolical smile.
Desecrate the goodness.
Bringer of damnation