Word of mouth – Rich Homie Quan lyrics

Feel me nard, hahah, my nigga evan back, man!(word of mouth)
Hard top,, windows down, we riding around them pistols out. House paid off, b*tch paid off. Lyrics Rich Homie Quan – Word of mouth
Driveway full of cars, everything paid off. Word of mouth they in they feelings, I don’t care what they may think. Act stuck up cause I’m the sh*t
You know my a*s they kissing now
They ain’t, ain’t seen a real nigga in a minute, heard it’s drought. Word of mouth them niggas talking, I’m not worried what they saying. I ain’t tell you about them millions, that I stashed off in the couch.
Word of mouuuth, they say I got him shot, but I naw I ain’tt send him. I was broke versuri-lyrics.info
WOrd of mouuuth, I eat breakfast for dinner,
Word of mouuuth, I had about 40 ho*s in the back of the sprinter. (x3)
Word of mouuuth they just be talking, heard them niggas in they feelings. Word of mouth. Word of mouuuth, I bought a brand new car, they say it hurt they feelings. Worried bout Rich Homie losses, naw b*tch I been counting check. Word of mouuuth, I got a office on the top floor of the building. I put diamonds around my sh*t. Word around town heard these niggas in they feelings. Rich Homie Quan lyrics
Video mouth Word around my neck it froze.