Bigg Boss trailer: Kamal Haasan says people wear more masks in real life than him in films. Watch video

Published:May 26, 2017 6:33 pm

Kamal Haasan’s BIgg Boss trailer is out
Actor Kamal Haasan on Friday held a press meet in Chennai to unveil the trailer of his upcoming debut television show, Bigg Boss Tamil. Talking about it,”Recently, I was going to a recording and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. The actor said he did not need a TV show to demonstrate his social responsibility. The showrunners said that they will be announcing the prize for the winner soon. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd When he was asked as to why he didn’t choose to host a show that is socially more responsible like Satyamev Jayate, Kamal surprised everyone with his response. Kamal said that about 30 cameras will be monitoring all the contestants in the house and the show will really get interesting when they forget that they are being watched. At 62, Kamal will be making his small screen debut. If I ask you who wears more masks than me, you may say politicians. Kamal said he will keep tabs on all the contestants throughout the week and every Saturday, he will come on the show to share his thoughts about the activities of the housemates. The trailer comes to an end with a warning, where the actor says, participants, “cannot either run or hide” in the Bigg Boss house as he will be watching. “I take pride in saying that I’ve been doing so for many years now. I’ve been doing my civic responsibilities without any advertisement but because of the social media like Twitter, they get publicised of late,” he added. The day I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach, I will quit my job,” he added. “I have played many characters in films. The last person remaining in the Bigg Boss house will be crowned as the winner. Kamal added that he has seen shows hosted by various people and he will try to make it as differently as possible. Read | Vishwaroopam 2 music is infectious, says Kamal Haasan after recording the last song

He also gave a glimpse of what the viewers can expect from him when he did not hesitate to take a potshot at Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. The actor looked quite ready to take on the new challenge in his decorated career that spans over 50 years. About 14 celebrity contestants will live under the same roof, cut off from the world, for about 100 days. The first season of the show will go live on June 25 on Vijay TV. No. “Our actual self comes out when we know we are not being watched. “In my individual capicty, I have been performing more social responsibilities than the Satyamev Jayate’s host,” Kamal said taking a dig at Aamir. He has promised the viewers to tear off the masks of the contestants in the upcoming reality show. I have caused enough trouble for myself in the past by saying a few things unmindful of the camera,” he said. You guys wear more masks in real life than me in films,” Kamal says in the new trailer of the reality show, that is aimed at bringing out the unseen side of the participants. It is same when I think about this show. The trailer is a take on every individual, who wears many different types of masks for various reasons.