Bootsy Collins – Fresh Outta “P” University lyrics

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You ain’t nothin But a dirty, low down Sheep killin’ dog The snake ain’t in
The grass no more Cos’ I’m lookin’ at her You low down Dirty, sneeky dog
Bootzilla Bootzilla Bootzilla I’m fresh outta ‘P’ University I’m fresh
Outta ‘P’ University You better not funk with me What is the ‘P’ Don’t be
Spreadin’ the ‘P’ I can’t spread that We’re fresh outta ‘P’ What do you
Call it Such a funky geezer
I came from planet cravet Understand it I travel over concrete and gravet
Fresh outta ‘P’ University I got a PhD in ghetto philosophy See I don’t
Fuck around With things that my mind can’t see I only do with things inside
Of my reality Understand any equality and a cycle What goes around comes
Around Act like you knew it You could get funked up For that Cos’ my
Manager don’t give a fuck Where you at And if the ‘P’ comes in the back
Black Let me get it in the Lucy There’s 25 cents worth Of BY’s and Bootsy
And if I was killer I would kill But I’m not so To chill with Bootzilla The
Iller P-Funk pillow We came to make you feel good So call me Robin Leroy
Hood We breeze thru the trees Master T’s breeze Spreadin’ like sticky on
Wonder Sunday they can’t keep us under Cos’ we loud like thunder We don’t
Give a fuck So don’t disturb me We’re fresh outta ‘P’ They can’t funk with
Me I got my pedigree You can’t funk with me I got my pedigree I’m fresh
Outta ‘P’ University Just like Robin Lee Hood Tryin’ to funk the way you
Should I wanna be good to you baby doll, oh baby Good to ya Like Robin Hood
Get ya in the woods now, baby Good for ya If you’re dancin’ outta the
Rhythm You won’t entice the worm, baby You don’t have to be a rocket
Scientist or a book worm To alarm Bootzilla… Mousse’s screamin’ They
Track you down N’ funk you up You shoulda look it was the bomb Before he
Blew up, baby And now you got that kill in your systems They hit ya with
That I can’t give ya any win star It’s crazy how it all comes back around
It’s all good and if you could You should Understand it in your high speed
Pursuit for happiness That you block out the stress Yes The dadescatter
Left you in the head That’s how the trail blaze Like Kenny Anybody want
Next From urban to Brooklyn We cash checks Fresh outta ‘P’ It ain’t complex
They can’t funk with me I got my pedigree You can’t funk with me I got my
Pedigree Now remember, let the P-Funk your love The thriller in Manilla
Bootzilla Yeah, when kings was kings And queens was kings Looks like my
Turn again Bootzilla..