Chris Webby – Undeniable

And where to score some molly
And you won’t find a typo, choke, stutter or misspelled word, because I write so dope
[Verse 2]
And wave super hard when you saying hi to me
No holidays with pay, and no vacay
Roll the dice I’ll throw it all down and take that risk
Eyes low I got the antidote
Every cell, every molecule and isotope
Gladiator when I step into a ring that’s it
Like, the whole discography
Even the Jewish women love Christian
Or know how to ollie
Put that overtime in when I clock motherfuckers
Recite those quotes
I’m the border collie
Yeah, Webby
It’s undeniable baby
See it and watch, I’m a
You’re the sheep
My lyrics are like an LSD micro-dose
Nun-chuck hit em
Janitor ready to mop motherfuckers

Got karma on my side, I’mma be alright
But I feel my second wind picking up my stride
It’s psychedelic in my blood’s system

Now put your money on the table I’mma take that shit
On my Tempur-Pedic fold em up like origami
The premise is to be the supervillain, that nemesis, bitch
When I’m on Spotify it’s Coldplay constantly
It’s undeniable baby
It’s understandable, they can’t stand that I managed to reach to the top, so believe it or not
We rolling, yeah
And if they putting in the call, then I’mma raise that shit

These dollar signs up on my name like that A$AP clique
You should probably vacate the premises
Honestly some of you probably think that shit
Michelangelo an animal
It’s undeniable
I am Mr. Hankey recording up in a porta-potty
About yea high, and sorta sloppy
But I feel my second wind picking up my stride

And have a vegan garden on my property
Yeah they’ve been trying me lately
No sick days, no days off, and know we stay late
But I let em speculate while I just bring that sick twisted misfit wit, with a ring that fits
Mic check, 1, 2
Take my auto-bot to the auto-body who’s calling shotty?
Cause I am the shit
[Verse 1]
[Outro] x2
Yeah they’ve been trying me lately
Got karma on my side, I’mma be alright
Even the nuns fuck with him, they say none fuck with him
It’s undeniable baby
I sing along when no one’s watching me
It’s undeniable baby
Just cause I’m white they think I’m trying out for golf or hockey
It’s undeniable baby
It’s undeniable baby
I like them short and stocky
Use grammar extra properly
I’m like Thor the Nordic God up in a mortal’s body