Da$h – All That There

They call me reckless
Young nigga move like ya big homie
Some young hoe gave me brain in fact
Doin’ shit they say we wouldn’t be
No love is stronger than hate
Sign’ that deal, now it’s game on ya
Let off a- *gun shots*
Plot on coppin’ me a baby Mac
Cop my momma that [?] car seats
Sendin’ packs out Daytona
Spun around the block and then we seen a chump
Ain’t even comin’ to my mom’s sober
Sippin’ hectic (yeah, yeah)
Hell no, you screamin’ "[?] pull the car over!"
Lost in the world like the Lord of the Flies
Roll up my billies they black for me
[?] over time, so the trap on me
Yeah, So
Fuckin’ these bitches you couldn’t be
Sold out shows, you know they payin’ racks
Mannerisms of a maniac

Habits they turn into needs and worse
Yeah, So
Yeah, as of late I debate the decisions I’ve made
Red dot your eye, nigga cross me
To be honest really need a blunt
Bompton P’s they cap for me
As if you ain’t mafucka
Free Porter
They in the whip but will these niggas ride
That mean I’m crossin’ my T’s and I’m dottin’ my I’s
Yeah, So, Yeah, So
Going hard ’til I’m under palm trees
[Hook x4]
Niggas know
So I keep a tre eight [?] arms reach
Drugs in my body that shouldn’t be