Dan Shepherd – “Just Tell Her Hi” lyrics

And see that she’s been doing fine

If you stop and talk awhile
She likes to do this I recall
Mention my name and see if she’ll smile
If she remembers me at all

Me and her we were close one time
She was a friend of mine,
But I really didn’t know it then

If you really want to know
You got to let it go
And hope to God it comes back again

Golden sunshine with its light
Brightens up a sky of gray
Not a single day goes by
When I don’t remember her this way

If something in her Eye
Tells you she’s getting by
But she feels a little out of place

Follow through
On what I didn’t do
And put a smile back upon her face

Give her a simple poem from me
Tell her I’ll write if she’ll reply
Let her know I’m still single and free
On second thought, just tell her hi. [Verse]
Since you are going that away
And since you’re a friend of mine
If you see her won’t you stay?