Did Justin Bieber leave India in a huff due to the heat? His shirtless photos at the airport prove this

The “Sorry” hitmaker even ditched a yacht party which was attended by many A-listers of Bollywood. If there was game where he is brilliant, it would be the game of hide and seek. The Canadian pop singer had come to India with the most lavish demands which had reportedly included a jacuzzi, 10 luxury sedans, two Volvo buses, a ping pong table, PlayStation and many more. While his exit was super secret, we have finally found pictures of a shirtless Justin Bieber at the airport as he gets ready to leave. The singer is supposed to perform at Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday, hence that might probably be his next stop unless he wishes to drop in some other country and do a little sightseeing. He ditched a Bollywood party, he never showed up for photo-ops in Rajasthan or Agra. However, the singer had spent time with the underprivileged kids in Mumbai and indulged in a game of football with them before his concert at DY Patil Stadium. While Beliebers have tears in their eyes as they talk about the pop star at Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium, the rest of the world wants to know why Bieber lip synced through the concert whose tickets went as high as Rs 76000 a pop. His guitar went out of tune during the concert and he said it was due to humidity. Although all eyes were on him, ever since he came to India hardly anyone could spot him when he decided to take a quiet midnight stroll at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. What’s more, the pop star was shirtless.  
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd It seems the heat and humidity proved too much for Bieber. But he probably couldn’t extend his stay because of the terrible heat the country has to bear every summer. His constant companion during the India concert was a blue towel with which Bieber was constantly mopping his forehead. See pictures of Justin Bieber:
Image source: Varinder Chawla
Image source: Varinder Chawla
Image source: Varinder Chawla
Justin Bieber’s concert was one of the most awaited events this year that witnessed a massive crowd. The “Baby” singer was supposed to be in India for five days, and visit historic places like Jaipur and Agra. And then, where did Justin Bieber vanish after he wrapped it up? Image source: Varinder Chawla
Justin Bieber’s India concert was a success or a failure depending on the one you are speaking to. The fact is Justin Bieber left India within hours of his India concert ending. We have got our hands on photos of the singer at the airport and he is without his shirt as he gets off a car. Reportedly, he even had plans of riding a camel and getting a picture of himself, sitting on THE bench of the Taj Mahal. We can answer the question as images of a shirtless Justin Bieber at the airport have now come out. 2017-05-13T09:09:07+00:00″>
Updated: May 13, 2017 9:09 am

Where did Justin Bieber go after his India concert?