Hindi Medium audience reaction: Irrfan Khan gets all the love, watch video

Hindi Medium is getting a lot of positive reviews and has even become tax-free in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Saba Qamar is good too. “Hindi Medium is not an entertainer, we expected much more from Irrfan Khan. But what does the audience have to say about the film? The movie could be better, but of course Irrfan saves the film with his performance. Irrfan sir has acted really well.”
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A couple of teenage boys who watched Hindi Medium told us, “The love story between Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar is out of context. One more Irrfan fan who watched the film told us, “Irrfan looks very real on-screen, almost relatable. But the message given through the film is good. An elderly gentleman who watched the film and loved it, told us, “The message that the film is gives is really great. Irrfan Khan has done a brilliant job! Till now I thought only south Indians were made fun of for their accent in English, but this opened my eyes to reality. I would give the film 2.5 stars,” said one young man who watched the film and was not too satisfied with it. It shows the true picture of big schools. The film throws light on how Indian education system has become more and more commercial. The film and Irrfan deserve a full five stars!”

Irrfan Khan is definitely winning hearts with Hindi Medium. I would give it five stars.”
A group of school girls, who came to watch the film because their vacations are on, said, “We loved the movie. I would give the film 4.5 stars.”
A middle-aged woman who watched the film was impressed with Irrfan’s performance, “Irrfan was great as usual, the story is good too. But I think it is a niche film, not everyone will get it. 2017-05-19T16:56:39+00:00″>
Published:May 19, 2017 4:56 pm

Hindi Medium audience reaction: “Irrfan Khan is great as usual, the story is good too,” said a moviegoer. Three stars for the movie, just because of Irrfan.”
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