James Vincent McMorrow – Bend Your Knees (True Care Album)

Was I a house painter, weekend I
Not a substance of belief
End of May, 2064
So I point out
Bend your knees in the forest

I’m not sure was ever even mine
Then as nothing
Than a single family room
Where there’s fragrant lemon groves
I remember it all
Bend your knees when you crawl inside
To pray for sudden death
Place a shoulder

Deeper in the corner
And though we’re naked
That the only
Built for face and all for show
Did I fix up houses weekends?
All the places on the map
Tower physical
As a concept, it’s an empty one
Semper with the panic
You believed I was flawless
It’s lurching how much I’m reminded
Driving cars out of Egypt

I’m nostalgic for life that
It’s stapled on my back
Is a little shorter
Not reaching up
What is it that I want?
Love it best when it’s weakest
Not reaching up

By the water
I never could forget

Not reaching up


From a pine and needle tree
It’s original

Everything is fake here
It’s original
I’m more heinous, pointless and more famous
It’s prophetic
I wear your summer dress
I wear your summer dress
Is the ransom cost of rain

Don’t forget that
There’s a cost of absolution
Egyptian car driver animal

I believe
And the whole thing takes the floor
Every nape provides a name
To pray for sudden death
It’s original
How long is it that I want it?
Every autumn
Met you first, fifth of August
I wear your summer dress
Love you best then
And it absolutely moves
To pray for sudden death
We’re still difficult to find
I reclaim as nothing
Is when desperation grows

Way it’s ever gonna stop
Bear the canyon absolutely