KRK roasts Tubelight trailer: ‘Salman Khan is not a Tubelight but a Lallu’. Watch video

Sohail gets captured by China (China wale Sohail ko pakad ke le gaye)
KRK further takes a dig at Salman when he says that now he will have to save his brother Sohail, but why is Salman acting so weird? KRK can’t understand why Salman is acting like a fool like jumping on a bus, running with shoes tied around his neck. And he gives the credit to music composer Pritam for the song. 2. 3. Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK has dared to do what others won’t before thinking twice. If you thought Salman Khan-starrer Tubelight trailer was too perfect and insusceptible to the onslaught of online spoofs and memes, you are wrong. He ends the trailer review on this note that the film will have to earn a minimum of Rs 300 crore to get some profit. Here are the top takeaways from Tubelight trailer according to the self-proclaimed film critic KRK:

1. But KRK is hopeful that the film will do a business of Rs 150-200 crore as it’s releasing on Eid and people will be queuing up outside theatres to watch Bhai’s film. In short, KRK seems little impressed with Salman’s goofy act. 4. Also Read: Raabta song Main Tera Boyfriend trouble: T-Series asks J-Star to ‘stop misleading people’
5. Both movies tanked at the box office. 2017-05-27T18:36:36+00:00″>
Published:May 27, 2017 6:36 pm

KRK just shared his first thoughts (we don’t know yet if he would revert back later) on Tubelight trailer and it’s hilarious. KRK also reminds that Jai Ho was the super flop too. Salman Khan-Sohail Khan’s combo has not worked in the past, both Jai Ho and God Tussi Great Ho were super flops
KRK further reminds the viewers that Salman Khan and Sohail Khan’s previous collaborations haven’t worked so far. KRK gives his final judgement — Tubelight trailer isn’t that good
KRK says that the trailer is not that good. Call it a roast or spoof, KRK highlighted the trailer’s weakness as well as strengths. Salman Khan is not Tubelight but ‘Lallu’
Salman Khan might be playing a Tubelight in the film, but KRK thinks that the actor is just acting like a Lallu (fool). KRK just shared his first thoughts (we don’t know yet if he would revert back later) on Tubelight trailer and it’s hilarious. God Tussi Great Ho that had Salman as an actor and Sohail as a producer didn’t do well.  
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KRK says that Salman might be acting like a ‘joker’, but the “Radio Song” is nice. He feels the film will have a fate of Jai Ho and Kabir Khan’s last film Phantom.