Madchild – Poison

I try to feel
My voice makes a girl’s pussy moist as some oysters
[Verse 1]
I was just hidin’ from the pain
‘Cause I’ve pushed it to the limit
That’s no other feelin’ on earth
‘Cause after black magic
Went from above average
I feel like a million miles away
It felt so far away
I’m on the verge of blowing up on every record burst
And you’re fiendin’
That means I’m shin high in cocaine
Sittin’ in the corner
I don’t even know what I was thinking
Two years later
Lost in space and feelin’ stranded
A day to day trap
I’m an ugly goblin
I was on a mothership
I try to feel
And fucking perfect boobies
Yeah, and suck it like you mean it
And I can kill on the freestyle
But it hurts

Everyday of your life
Check, my head was constantly in the clouds
The devil on my shoulder with a pitchfork
But now I’m back
I feel like a million miles away
That’s no other feelin’ like it
I’m so thankful now I can finally see clear
That’s why I feel like I’m lost in space
[?] like a zombie
Dealin’ with this poison
I’m a dirty troll
It’s hard to explain

Now I write the second verse
That’s no other feelin’ on earth
Takin’ pills
Cuz I’m embarrassed of my teeth now
This will attract savage
How we planned it
I’m livin’ life now
Staring out into a distance
Yo, I amm lucky just to be alive

But it hurts
Lookin’ back
I felt like I was a million miles away
How many of you understand real pain
So every night I thank God
Pretend my dick’s a big rock of crack
And I’ve finally landed

Down to a drug addict
I’m makin’ money now from snappin’ like a scorpion
Not that I really wanna talk a lot

Livin’ inside of real trap
Just rub my back and make my cock a rock
Without a straw stuck up her nose
And that just one of another other hundred problems
It’s nothin’ like it
Now the sugar did a number on them
Shit’s real
But you won’t see my smile
[Verse 2]
I shouldn’t even be here
People that I love
Misguided angel with a bruised face and hurtin’ soul
Dealin’ with this poison
So I’m back to finish what we started
Hard to have a conversation with a girl with no brain
I’m tired from the show
Shows sober, now my life is full of choices

Not that I’ve lined to fuck for hours without drinking
Now I’ve realized
Thinking what the hell do I do this for?
I see clearly now, tho
And grabbin’ opiates
They didn’t leaved me stranded
And that’s the problem
Lookin’ back I’ve relized
And every night I like to find myself another groupie
I don’t even think about some coke
That I can think and see clear
Dealin’ with this poison
Hospital gown and wrist band