Mark Battles – Twenty Seventeen (Day 2 Album)

Opening act for Rocky Fresh it didn’t equal shit
If I can’t enjoy my own pie, don’t want a piece of it
I always seemed to feel I could, even when I couldn’t
If you wit’ it, I’m wit’ it, don’t never need convince
Nah, she good
Ha, a very strong woman
Was told I’d be rewarded for patience, so I’ve learned to wait
So these niggas slept on me
I will be
How could I be content, I used to sleep in tents
Walking in with twenty-one savages if you perpetrate
Just tell her, "don’t be doing all that talking and shit"
Feel I ain’t seen nothing yet, that’s why we in here working late
But now it’s twenty-seventeen
Now it’s cars for everybody
No fake stage name, so you can get the real me
Guess I got some blessed homies
I was raised by a lady, and she told me keep on pushing
My niggas keep a lil uzi and aim it at your vertebrae
Witness sights we’ve never seen
We just tryna build, G
Pray we on to better things
No I.D. said I can be great, and I will be
[Verse 1: Mark Battles]
See you [?] for a mile, might only keep a inch
What’s a queen without a king
Left the streets in my past, wanna take it there then feel free
It ain’t never what you got, to me it’s how you feel
So book it, we on the next flight, I gotta see some shit
Fly America
They always kept it real like way before the deal
[Outro: Mark Battles]
Busy trying to earn respect, you busy trying to earn a break

Really here for peace and love, so let them vibes circulate
Smooth with the flow, now these lesbo hoes is turning straight
Stay working while they sleeping, don’t just do it when they looking
[Intro: Mark Battles]
"Too wavy for a lil boat", I think that’s what I heard them say

I ain’t in it for the thrill, see