Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – Lucy Meets Hyde lyrics

A toast to romance! LUCY
So what’s yer name then, sweet’eart? I can give you everything you desire
You can give me all I need! A toast to the night! After tonight, you will never be alone! HYDE
I am the man
Mark my words well
With whom you’ll share
Heaven or hell! HYDE
Like it or not,
You will never be alone! LUCY
I know you, don’t I? LUCY
Sounds like a nice bit of business
Yes, indeed! And I can find hell on my own! Edward Hyde. I am the man
Fate has decreed
Destined to be
All that you need! LUCY
‘eaven I fancy, ‘as no place for me! HYDE
After tonight, my little love,
You will never forget me. HYDE
Hyde… I am destined to be your guardian Angel
Your guide to salvation
In this world of madness. To those unafraid
Of taking a chance! LUCY
I must admit that I like yer approach! It’s one that I’ve not seen before! HYDE
Why should you settle for less, dear,
When there’s more!