Musicals – JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL – Lucy Meets Jekyll lyrics

And yet I sense: there’s more to you

You flatter, sir, you really do! [JEKYLL]
I think I’ve taken enough for one day! [LUCY]
Don’t ask me! [LUCY]
S’ not every day me friends and I
‘as gents like you just droppin’ by
Before you go, you’ll know just why you came here! You need a friend… With half a chance … Henry Jekyll, 46 Harley Street… you never know… Come to me

It’s getting late – I have to go
If any time – you never know – you need a friend… If you only knew
The games we could play, the things we could do

Yet I can see you’re not up to the chase! Here’s to romance! [LUCY]
Dr. And I have learned to my cost
It’s not the fun that it might be once you have… (she hums) To those unafraid of taking a chance! But, if you’re ever in need:
I am the girl, and this is the place. lost

Oh, what a shame! [JEKYLL]
Of that, my dear, I’ve little doubt
One only has to look about
It’s not too hard to figure out the game here! [JEKYLL]
…what would you do? If any time… Here’s to the night!