Musicals – Sunset Boulevard – Completion Of The Script lyrics

Did she read the script? JOE
Well, I can’t stay. NORMA
Great day. NORMA
Oh, but you couldn’t possibly think of leaving now, Joe. JOE
My apartment. NORMA
Make sure it goes to Mr. JOE
It’s been real interesting. JOE
Will you call and let me know as soon as you have some news? NORMA
DeMille is Leo; I’m Scorpio. And little by little I worked through to the end of the script. NORMA
Max is going to deliver the script to Paramount. Today’s the day. JOE
Well… JOE
You’re really going to give it to DeMille? Where? Thank you, Joe. DeMille in person. She read DeMille’s horoscope; she read mine. our hopeless opus
My work was over
I was feeling no pain
Locked up like John the Baptist NORMA
Max. So she had me moved into the main house. And on a clear day, the theory was, you could see Catalina. JOE
Oh well, that’s all right, then. JOE
Norma, the script is finished. JOE
Oh, Norma, it’s not the money
Yes, of course, I’ll stay until we get some sort of news back from Paramount. Into what Max called “the room of the husbands”. NORMA
No, Joe. JOE
In December, the rains came. JOE
What do you mean? NORMA
I’ve just spoken with my astrologer. It’s just the beginning, it’s just the firt draft. Mars is transiting Jupiter and today is the day of closest conjunction. NORMA
Stop that! MAX
Yes, Madame. I couldn’t dream of letting you go, I need your support. NORMA
Thank you. One great big package, over-sized,
Just like everything else in California;
And it came right through the roof of my room above the garage. No. NORMA
You’ll stay on with full salary, of course… JOE
So, Max wheeled out that foreign bus
Brushed the leopardskin upholstery
He trundled along to Paramount
To hand Cecil B. NORMA
Call? At which point I might have left:
Only by then those two boys from the finance company had traced my car and towed it away,
And I hadn’t seen one single dollar of cash money since I arrived. NORMA
Yes…hasn’t it? NORMA
Not at all, it is I who should thank you. JOE
I want to thank you for trusting me with your baby.