Musicals – Sunset Boulevard – Journey To Paramount lyrics

This is Norma Desmond. JOE (V.O.)
It took her three days and she was ready
She checked with her astrologer
Who sacrificed a chicken
She dressed up like a pharaoh
Slapped on a pound of make-up
And set forth in her chariot
Poor Norma
So happy
Re-entering her kingdom

MAX (V.O.)
If you will pardon me, Madame, the shadow over the left eye is not quite balanced. GUARD
Hey, that’s enough of that. Give me a minute. No appointment is necessary. DEMILLE
What is it? NORMA
She’s here at the studio. JOE
It’s your script. HEATHER
Mr. DeMille is shooting. I have a message for Mr. NORMA (V.O.)
Thank you, Max. Good luck. GUARD
Norma Desmond is here to see you, Mr. DeMille. DEMILLE
Well, yes… Tell him without me, there wouldn’t be any Paramount Studio. NORMA
Fine, Jonesy. HEATHER
Maybe I could give her the brush. NORMA
No; they can wait until I’m good and ready. NORMA
Thank you, darling. And teach your friend some manners. Open the gate. How have you been, Miss Desmond? JONES
Get me Stage 18. DeMille is going wild

Well, that’s wonderful, Norma. MAX
To see Mr. NORMA
You read the script, of course. NORMA
Won’t you come along, darling? JONES
Why, if it isn’t Miss Desmond. JONES
You heard Miss Desmond. NORMA
I’ve been waiting twenty years now
What’s a few more days, my dear? Open the gate. DEMILLE
Norma Desmond? DEMILLE
Come on in. Isn’t that enough? NORMA
Thank you, Jonesy. Himself must call

I don’t know if this is the time to stand on ceremony. DeMille. DeMille? DEMILLE
Well, well, well. It’s your show. The last time I saw you, we were someplace terribly gay. JONES
Stage 18, Miss Desmond. HEATHER
Miss Desmond. NORMA
Yes, you do. DEMILLE
It must be about that appalling script of hers. DeMille. NORMA
There’s been a call
What did I say
They want to see me right away
Joe, Paramount, they love our child
But it was some fool assistant
Not acceptable at all
It he wants me, then Cecil B. What shall I say? DeMille. GUARD
Norma who? I was dancing on the table. GUARD
They don’t have a pass. You need an appointment. Lindbergh had just landed. DEMILLE
Thirty million fans have given her the brush. It’s happened, Joe
I told you so
The perfect year

Now, let’s go upstairs

Shouldn’t you at least call back? DEMILLE
A lot of people were. DEMILLE
I don’t know what you mean, Norma. NORMA
Now, I know how busy you are during shooting,
But I really think you could have picked up the phone yourself,
Instead of leaving it so some assistant. NORMA
Hello, Mr.