Naagin 2, 28th May full episode written update: Shivangi enters Rocky’s house amidst wedding preparations

Rocky is coming back and spots Tanya and Jadu Nath conspiring together to acquire the Naag Mani.  Shivangi comes to know of Avni’s marriage and how everybody is busy with the preparations. They talk about forming a team and working against her new enemies, thinking to acquire the Naag Mani. Ruchika tells Yamini that she won’t give her the Naag Mani, until she gets to marry Rocky. Tanya decides to get hold of the Naag Mani in any way possible. She is elated for her dream has finally come true, after all the devious efforts. Ruchika tells her that somebody had done black magic on her and that’s why she was frozen. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Yamini plans to celebrate by opening a 15 year old wine bottle, which she saved just for the day she gets hold of the Naag Mani. She tells him how she was saved from the fall and death. Shivangi makes an excuse that her husband will beat her a lot for showing her face. She shows the Naag Mani and victoriously announces that she got it anyhow. Yamini tells her not to worry as she’ll take care of it. 2017-05-28T21:49:22+00:00″>
Published:May 28, 2017 9:49 pm

Naagin 2, 28th May full episode written update: Tanya decides to get hold of the Naag Mani in any way possible. Rocky is upset over loosing Shivangi but Yamini is elated to know that Ruchika has finally killed her. He is shocked to know that the two of them are working together. Shivangi meets Gurudev along with her new friend. Shivangi is on her way to the temple, where she meets Gurudev. Also read: Naagin 2, May 27 full episode written update: Shivangi grabs the naag mani
Shivangi plans to act as one of the banjaran women to get entry in Rocky’s house, amidst all the wedding scene. Ruchika comes back home and sees that Yamini is freezed. Yamini feels that she hasn’t taken the Naag Mani. Gurudev blesses both of them. Yamini is excited to see the Naag Mani. While entering, Yamini demands to see their faces, which are usually vieled. Ruchika feels now that she has the Naag Mani, she can finally have Rocky also. She sets her free immediately and Yamini starts asking her questions about the Naag Mani. But all of them are unaware that Shivangi is still alive.