Naagin 2, 30th April 2017 full episode written update: Yamini stabs Rocky on his birthday

Shivangi thinks she must find out about this past mystery and remembers Rocky going to the Thakshak mountain and returning with a portrait she feels there must be some link between the photo and Rocky. He asks her to sign the paper, but she spills ink on the papers to destroy it and says that she will not sign the papers at any cost. He takes it outside in a bid to hide it from Rocky and burns it as Shivangi in Naagin form watches. Shivangi tells Guruji that Mahendra Pratap is Rocky’s real father and Yamini along with Tanya’s parents are plotting against Rocky. She goes to the room to get the photo, though she gets it Rocky enters exactly then, forcing her to change her form to Tanya’s. Gyani maa gives a taveez to Shivangi and asks her to tie it on Rocky’s arm. As Rocky goes in to freshen up Mahendra comes there and Shivangi hides in her Naagin form leaving the photo on the floor. Baba mends it and gives it to Shivangi. She also asks Rocky about the photo, and he gets disturbed and tells her about finding it on the Thakshak mountain. 2017-05-01T00:11:12+00:00″>
Published:May 1, 2017 12:11 am

Naagin 2, 30th April 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi goes to the Thakshak mountain and finds the dungeon in which Rocky found the picture. Guru ji takes Shivangi to Gyaani maa to know more about the picture. Shivangi sees it and in the form of Avni, spills the juice on Rocky.  
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now Baba cuts off his hand and gives Yamini some ashes to put on Rocky and then stabs him by dagger. In the next scene, everyone is shown planning about a surprise party for Rocky’s birthday. Rocky calls Shivangi and handovers the divorce papers to her. Shivangi and Baba are all set to establish the statue of Lord Shiva in a temple in Pune. She tells Rocky that her clothes got misplaced here and she came to get it. Shivangi vows to find out about the planning. She tries to find the truth of the picture where she gets to know about her father, Rithik with which she sees the half-torn picture. He prepares the juice and adds blue water which Baba gave, in it. Shivangi goes to the Thakshak mountain and finds the dungeon in which Rocky found the picture. Mahendra panics on seeing the photo and reveals it to be that of Rocky’s mother’s. Shivangi disguises herself into Avni and enters the house. She asks Baba to get the picture back and shows him the picture through her eyes. Mahendra Pratap insists Rocky on drinking juice. She says that once it is tied there, she will get to know about every danger faced by him. Shivangi collects the ashes and takes it to Baba. Shivangi vows that she would save Rocky from all the threats. Mahendra destroys the picture and leaves. Shivangi takes picture back to Baba and shows it to him to know the mystery behind it.