Netflix show Dear White People is not a diatribe against white people

Yeah, but not on purpose. Constant satire can be draining over 10 episodes. The show is coming out at a very different time. It definitely speaks to our time. It definitely is less satirical than the movie. DeRon Horton is nothing like Lionel Higgins, the character he plays. Antoinette Robertson brings all kinds of humour, layer and depth to the role of Colandrea ‘Coco’ Conners. The 33-year-old writer-director, whom we met at New York’s Madison Avenue, talks about the show and the extreme reactions it has triggered. It might have irked a lot of people, who are now emboldened to express racist opinions but I don’t know if that’s new or something we could have helped. I started writing the film during the George Bush era. How do you interact with the world? What did you have in mind when you adapted the movie into a show? Since we had five hours to tell the story, even though in episodes, it gave us a platform to go deeper. All of us feel like we are screaming into a vacuum. These experiences were wrought with all kinds of tragic and comic situations. Is the show going to reflect the current political scenario in the US? In 2014, American indie movie Dear White People, written and directed by Justin Simien, made people sit up with its take on racism. The only people who are listening to us are those who agree with us. Then, we realised that’s not going to happen. The characters are the same, yet completely new. Logan Browning is wonderful as the lead Samantha White. We wrapped up the shoot during the elections last year. We could not have predicted the results. When Barack Obama got elected as the American president, we assumed racism was over. After the presidential elections, we were wondering: did we write that line before? Everyone stepped up to it. I thought I should talk about something that affects all of us, from my specific perspective. From the movie to the show, a lot changed. That’s the crux of the show. Being a minority in opinion, race, gender or sexuality is a universal thing. What do you do when there is no one to listen to you? Throughout my life, I had been one of the few black people in a group of white people. You wrote the story over several years. But he knows that the character is loosely based on me, so he would study me and incorporate some of my mannerisms. Excerpts from an interview:
The trailer of Dear White People on Netflix has created quite a storm, with a section of viewers threatening to boycott it. It’s not a monologue, diatribe or speech targeted against white people. I wanted to tell that story and offer that perspective. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now The series follows a group of black students in a predominantly white Ivy League college. She made the character her own. The reaction did not come as a surprise. That’s precisely what the show is about. We wanted the original cast back, but that was not possible; the actors were tied up with movies and shows. We wrote it through all those experiences and it was interesting. I’m very proud of the show and think it resonates with society. At the root of this show is a conversation from many different perspectives. 2017-05-22T09:56:28+00:00″>
Published:May 22, 2017 9:56 am

Skin deep: A still from Dear White People. Now, a Netflix series, helmed by Simien, takes off from where the film had left off. The effort put into the marketing campaign is really smart.