Purity Ring – Grandloves lyrics

Spread makeup
My poor lungs are now finish went out and started

I’m just sick of this, I’m sick of that, I’m not just holding back
I’ll stick red toothpicks in my dirt filled heart,
Me and earth, the sacred lot of you and every seed man
See that visual? Of mentoring court of… Closet scum… Beneath my… You are invincible; you’re holding four halos on Take all the little things away,
Seek all the dimensions that stray
From my obstacles in me with wood and carpet
Tries, in stirring need the hops that left it’s guard down

Waking up is easy but you’re breaking my roll, flee system
I’m gonna feel it but you’ve flown with the shame of another thing
I’m in love with truth, sick and tired of this youth
And thinking that you’ve fallen but you’re stone when you’re holding me

I’ll come in a sewn bodice of your whistling skin,
Far from your bristling chin
Keep all my secrets in the trinket dead over noire
Take what you want make it, make it sacramental

I’m in love with truth, sick and tired of this youth
Want it to be easy, but I’m queasy at the thought of it
I don’t need no proof, no look at ya’ll no cus the truth
To know it as the same way of that feeling, walkin over me.