Roger Moore’s ten best scenes as 007

Battle over the Golden Gate, A View to a Kill
It was his last film as Bond and while he did look a bit the worse for wear, Moore signed off as Bond with one of the most stirring climaxes – a fistfight with bad guy Christopher Walken over the Golden Gate bridge, no less. But check Moore’s expression after he tries perfume that bursts into flames and mutters “Trifle overpowering!”

9. The charm offensive, A View to a Kill
They said he was too old to play Bond one more time, but 58-year old Moore oozed charm by the trunkful as he tried to talk up Tanya Roberts in A View to a Kill. And never did it come to the fore like it did when Roger Moore’s Bond duels verbally with master killer and arch villain Francesco Scaramanga. As can be seen in this sequence, where the proposal for going out with a rather attractive young lady results in a very comprehensive weapons search, which reveals (pun intended) that she is an intelligence agent. Age was a number. At which Kamal Khan tells his henchman (Kabir Bedi) to go out and kill him. And while he is not officially named in this opening action sequence of the film, it is pretty clear that Bond has been given a chance to settle scores with his arch nemesis. He drops him down a chimney! 5. Yes, that happened and a Gondola actually got cut in the half during the sequence. Also read | Roger Moore: The Most British James Bond of them all
6. It did provide some stirring moments however, and perhaps none was more amazing than a crazy Tuc Tuc (a sort of auto rickshaw) chase sequence in the market of Udaipur, with Moore in an auto trying to dodge a murderous Kabir Bedi. Of course, Bond did not use oars – there were gadgets aplenty on his boat. Of course, Bond somehow manages to jump and hang on to it. But what a sequence. Dinner with Scaramanaga, The Man With the Golden Gun
For most people, James Bond is about action and fast cars and lovely ladies, but beneath all that style is a fair bit of storytelling substance. Don’t get your hopes high – there’s no disrobing. There was a new Bond in town.”

2. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App now He was the longest serving James Bond (all the way from 1973 in Live and Let Die to 1985 in With a View to a Kill), and also the oldest to step into Bond’s shoes – he was already 45 when he first did so. Fighting in the air, Octopussy
The climax of Octopussy sees the villain, Kamal Khan trying to escape in an aircraft. You said it. Searching for weapons, Moonraker
Bond and women went well together and with Moore’s dashing good looks even more so. Tuc Tuc chase, Octopussy
Octopussy was perhaps the film that signalled the waning of the James Bond star in the eighties. But Roger Moore brought a special touch to the character, blending wry humour and charm with some incredible action and stunts. Out of a plane, minus a chute, Moonraker
James Bond pushed out of a plane without a parachute. In spite of the presence of the Bond factor and a highly-publicised shooting in India, the film did not quite come up to expectations. Never was the Bond charm so in evidence. We remember ten of his most memorable scenes as the man with a Licence to Kill! 1. Oh and Moore’s driver was Vijay Amritraj. The two men talk of killing, one as a profession, one as a necessity and you can still feel a thrill go through your nerves when Moore says “Killing you would be a pleasure.” One of the great Bond exchanges. One heck of a sequence. But he always did have his wits around him. Of course, he lives to tell the tell. 4. Dropping Blofeld finally, For Your Eyes Only
When it comes to villains that Bond faced, few were as bad as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the man who killed Bond’s wife. 8. 7. Of course, he stretches belied to the extremest point possible, but hell, he is Bond, isn’t he? Moore does so. The action might seem a little leisurely by modern standards, but the settings are as jaw-droopingly awesome as ever. “Out there?’ a puzzled Bedi asks, at this request to fight outside a flying aircraft. In style. They had the answer when placed on a little island, surrounded by advancing alligators, the new Bond adjusted his tie (of course he wore an immaculate jacket) and then after failing to gadget his way out of trouble, proceeded to hop across the backs of the reptiles to safety. With a villain above and below him, the one below having steel teeth, no less. And that too in a film that was supposed to be about outer space! Stepping over alligators, Live and Let Die
Would the new chap be better than the legendary Sean Connery, was the question many critics were asking when Moore stepped into 007’s shoes for the first time in Live and Let Die. 3. Gondola chase, Moonraker
If you thought that the Tuc Tuc chase in Octopussy was something, picture Moore piloting a Gondola through Venice being shot at by the villains! And then complies, dagger clenched in his teeth. Of course, the baddie, a very dark and very tough looking Grace Jones breaks up the tete a tete, and tells Moore “Someone will take care of you.” Moore replies banteringly: “Oh you will see to that, personally, will you?”. And trust Moore to carry all that off dressed in an immaculate jacket as well. 10. 2017-05-25T09:28:40+00:00″>
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Here are some of the best scenes of Roger Moore as James Bond.