There’s a fear of missing out: Zoe Saldana on acting career

The Guardians Of The Galaxy star says she always has a desire to create and be artistic, reported Contactmusic. Read here
When asked what it’s like to portray a superhero she said, “I’m such a physical person, so I tend to get these more physically demanding parts. You can’t be afraid to go to that scary place.”
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Published:May 29, 2017 7:30 pm

The Guardians Of The Galaxy star, Zoe Saldana says she always has a desire to create and be artistic
Zoe Saldana says being an actress is a mix of feelings as there are times when she has a fear of missing out on certain things in life. Watch video. “I thought that mothers were the ones who really felt the separation from their kids. But I’ve seen the pain in a father’s eyes when they’ve been away. You can’t expect your career to be super high all the time, and you can’t say no when opportunities like this come along. I like to be artistic in everything I do,” Saldana says. You can’t think twice about it. It is universal for parents, not just for women,” she says. But you still have to put your mind and your heart into that character. There’s a fear of missing out, a certain level of anxiety and a desire to create. And in that way, I’m really leaning in.” Saldana is currently filming Avengers: Infinity War where she’ll reprise her role as Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. You need to understand their issues and root for them. The 38-year-old actress, who has two-year-old twins Cy and Bowie and newborn son Zen with her husband Marco Perego, says her children and her career all came about at the same time. But I find myself really looking forward to downtime. Is this look connected to Sanjay Dutt biopic? As she juggles both a professional and personal life, Saldana says she has “a responsibility to show up. “The life of an actor is always a mix.