Angelina Jolie still heartbroken, Brad Pitt ready to date again

Jolie is still hurt and angry at Pitt for leaving her and their children, but Pitt is ready to start dating again, reports They are his life and he’s making sure they are happy, safe, and surrounded by love. The past eight months have been the toughest time of her life, but Angie’s finally feeling strong enough to talk about her ordeal,” said a source. “Make no mistake about it, Brad’s priority is absolutely his kids right now. More Related News

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For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App The two, over the next few months, were involved in a bitter legal battle for the custody of their six children. “She’s still hurt by how Brad’s friends seem to dislike her – and she’s confided to her own friends that Brad broke her heart, and that she’s still angry at him for throwing his family away. In April, during a rare public sighting Brad Pitt looked surprisingly thin and gaunt. According to another source, the Ocean’s Thirteen actor is ready to put the past behind. “She has started to tell friends about how things fell apart because of Brad’s drinking and his failings as a father – and what really happened between him and Maddox on that airplane,” the source added. Related News
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Published:June 3, 2017 9:48 am

Angelina Jolie is hurt and has started talking about how Brad Pitt’s drinking habits made things fell apart. Brad and Angelina parted ways in October 2016.