G.O.A.T. – Princess Nokia

MySpace, made a lot of noise
So I go ‘head, and I get mine
To another level, and I’m killin’ it
I change rap forever, man

I respect that trill shit
I got no ass and I got no titties
I’m a rap [?] and a misfit
Hollup a minute
But damn I’m the best
I’m that weird girl that’s runnin’ shit
You know I ain’t did it
I’ve been the G.O.A.T, eatin’ off the land
You might get hit
And them OGs that really rap
It’s me who took the weirdo shit
I do this, I move shit
Ain’t no rap talk, this my real life
Hate to burst your bubble, bitch
And that ain’t my business
Skinny jeans and a studded belt
It’s me who had the biggest plan
I ain’t the best
Ain’t no average bitch, I’ve been the man
So don’t disrespect
Skinny jeans and a pair of Vans

I’ve been fly, never needed help
I’ve been down with the shits
Is somethin’, is somethin’ to see
Now I’m too hot and they suck my dick
They ain’t want me, that’s beginnin’ -ish
Pelle Pelle with the VB belt
You Deion and I’m clueless
This shit is the illest
That’s middle school and I’m actin’ [?]
Like a raver bitch goin’ in a trance
Pants sag ’til they hit my ass
But my bank account statement is somethin’
Got a company, need a couple mil’
Yeah, yeah
I been me, ain’t nobody else
And that’s on God, I almost died twice
So come for me different
And I cash checks, and I get fly
But all of your dudes, they hit me to hit me
You can make fun of me
That Loco, that [?]
Or you might get checked
[?] almost made [?]
Or it will be hit for the neck
That is your man
Back of the class, they studied my ass

I bump bump that Gangsta Boo
And I throw ‘bows in the moshpit
I got my own movement
Anime and a lot of tours
Lit, lit, I’ma do my dance
Wally West
Roll up my skirt and they think that I’m fast
The rap shit I do [?]
I’m already back with some new shit
This that Scream 3, finna kill shit
I’m a boss bitch runnin’ big shit