Lil Bibby – Free Crack 4 (Intro)

Dealt me the cards, just watch how I play ’em
And I still scream free the Ro
Tellin’ these lies but I am not hearing it
My brothers been telling me Bibby quit playin
Young nigga ’bout to fuck the game up
Or in the front and the side too
I’ma get rich ’til I die like I’m Fifty
Niggas be talkin’ like gangsters until I go hop out, lil brother come find you
But I don’t really think they insane as us
I keep me a row, I need me a Rolls
Ain’t too many that can bang with us

Now all my seats on the floor
What you been smokin’, some angel dust?
Remember them times had to sleep on the floor
Bitch we armed and dangerous
They don’t understand, bitch I’m the man
Tell all these crackers just hurry and pay him
I ride with the semi, I die with it with me
Niggas got choppers, the same as us
[Verse 2]
Got off my ass and start settin’ some goals
Then I started wyling and kicking in doors
My neck got upgraded from silver to gold
M O B, won’t pay a fee for a ho
Niggas keep hating, I’m losing my patience
They play in the ride but I am not feeling it, cut it off
Nigga it’s ’bout time that I go super saiyan
Your partner ‘nem wanna be cool
Niggas want smoke, well flame it up

If it’s ’bout money you know I get plenty
Mama was broke and I needed some clothes
Movin’ slow so I switched the lane up
‘Til the doc tell mama you ain’t gon’ make it
Fuck a hit record, Free Crack for the land
Let’s be serious, niggas be actin’ like they on they period
We come to your block and change it up
You’re mad ’cause your bitch got a thang for us?
Looking for fiends that be playin’ with they nose
These niggas ain’t gon’ be satisfied
Kill everybody behind you
Fuck her then kick the bitch out like she payin’
You really want smoke with the gang for her?
You ain’t no limit, can’t hang with us
I fuck with some haitans who’ll make you a patient
[Verse 1]
Kept it Ben Frank, never changed up
I start a track, I need different hoes
EBK, let me remind you
I do not like being lied to
If he fuck with you then he dying too
Don’t try Lil Bibby, the savage is in me
You thinkin’ ’bout losing your brain for her?
They take off they jersey and hang ’em up
I got a short temper so watch what you sayin’
They want me chained up but I came up
Look, I wanted to be like D-Rose